Interview with Jude at 3.5 years old

Wednesday, August 12, 2015-   Interview with Jude Aaron Andreassen: What is your favorite color?- “Purple.  My second favorite is red.” What is your favorite show?- “Paw Patrol and Curious George… and Plum (Landing).” What is your favorite food?- “Macaroni and Cheese, PB and Honey or Jelly Sandwich.” What do you want to be when you grow up?- “A builder.… Read more →


Rodeo Beach

Sunday morning we drove the family out to Rodeo Beach and met up with Steph, Sunny and Bailey for a little family time.  We got there pretty early so it was still a little chilly.  Check out our mish-mash of clothing choices in order to stay comfortable. The rock selection at the beach was amazing.  Apparently you can find Jade and Black… Read more →

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What to do, what to do…

Even if you love your kids more than anything else in the world, sometimes staying home with the kids can make for a very long day.   I’ve always tried to get myself on some type of schedule in an attempt to exercise some order in the chaos that is parenting.  Ha!  I can’t tell you how many schedules I’ve… Read more →



Well, this is the start to another adventure!  Steph, Sunny and Bailey arrived late last night and spent the night here.  We woke up to a delicious breakfast and Sunny even washed the dishes afterwards   Steph and Sunny stopped by Stella’s Pastry & Cafe before they arrived, so we were all able to try some of the yumminess this… Read more →


A “Bro-tastic” weekend!

Friday afternoon Luke left for Las Vegas to meet up with 12 of his friends for a weekend at the Bellagio.  He’s been looking forward to that trip for some time, and it sounds like they all had a lot of fun!  He arrived back home yesterday afternoon, just a few hours before we met up with one of our close school… Read more →


Staying In Date Night Ideas

Luke and I are pretty boring these days.  I don’t know if we were ever NOT boring (hehehe), but having kids and moving away from family has definitely put us into the “Very Boring” category lately.  There are hundreds of restaurants and things to do in the city, but we prefer staying in most nights for a two main reasons.  The… Read more →


How our kids share a room

Luke and I bought our first home  back in 2006, almost a year after we were married.  We chose it for it’s size (back when we were young and naive and thought it would be the home we would raise our kids in), for the aesthetics somewhat, and for it’s location.  The best part about it was it’s location.  It… Read more →

white christmas

Oh, hey. My SISTER is moving to Cali!!!

HEY-OOOOOOO! That’s right.  Stephanie Malilong Lee will be moving to the Bay Area in just a few days, and I’m pretty excited about it all.  Sunny got a job in the city (actually, it’s about a block from Luke’s work!), and so they’re saying good-bye to the Big Apple.  In honor of her arrival, I wanted to share this happy video because:… Read more →