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Even if you love your kids more than anything else in the world, sometimes staying home with the kids can make for a very long day.   I’ve always tried to get myself on some type of schedule in an attempt to exercise some order in the chaos that is parenting.  Ha!  I can’t tell you how many schedules I’ve made since Jude was born.  It’s ridiculous!  Every time I get pumped about a new schedule Luke just smiles and says, “good luck.”  He’s not trying to be mean, but kids are ever changing.  You have your days planned out and then they start teething and fuss through the night.  Or maybe they stop breastfeeding and you actually have to start feeding them solids and meals and stuff.  Or maybe they decide for some weird reason that they don’t want to nap anymore- I know, crazy!  Why someone WOULDN’T want to nap is beyond me.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset  Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset

Anyway, I did a post about what my day typically looks like here, but I think I may have found a real schedule for myself and the kids that may actually work for a while.  Here’s what it looks like:

7- Get dressed and eat breakfast

8- Play and tidy up house

9:30- Snack and a show

10- Go out!

12- Lunch

1- Nap for Claire/ quiet time for Jude and mama

3:30- Snack and a show

4- Play with toys or go outside

5:30- Dinner

6:30- Bath

7- Bedtime for kids

8- Luke and Tracy time!


That’s what we’ve been doing the last few months and it’s working great for the most part.  Every now and then we may stray depending on moods, etc.  The big things for me were trying to figure out where to take the kids and also what to do for quiet time.  I’ll save quiet time for another day, but here are some suggestions for going out with the little ones:

  • Library story time
  • Park
  • Museum
  • Beach
  • Errands- groceries, post office, recycling, bank, etc.
  • Play dates/ playgroups
  • Play in yard or patio
  • Explore a new part of the city
  • Indoor play spaces
  • Aquarium
  • Mall
  • Take a class together- dance, music, cooking, art, etc.
  • Movie
  • Zoo
  • Take a drive
  • Recreational center- (Big thanks to my friend who invited us!)Processed with VSCOcam with a5 presetIMG_1418[1]

Well, those are just a few suggestions.  I was fortunate enough to spend time with some really cool mommies this week doing some of the things I mentioned above, and I think that’s key when you are staying home during the week.  Must. Have. Adult. Interaction.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  I’ll see you next week and I’ll share some ideas for quiet time when your little one decides to forgo the sacred nap. :)  Bye!!!!


P.S.  Claire watched her first feature film in the theater this week- Inside Out.  She sat through most of it and only got fidgety towards the end.  I was able to keep her occupied with food, so thank goodness for goldfish, popcorn, and clementine oranges!  Also, she walked and balanced from one end of the log to the other at the park yesterday.  I overheard others commenting on how impressed they were and I even had another mom ask about her age.  It was such a proud mama moment for me :)     IMG_1420

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